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Failure doesn’t exist.

Maybe it sounds like a cliche or maybe as some phrase taken out of an auto help book.
Failure doesn’t exist.
Just smile.

Maybe it sounds like a cliche or maybe as some phrase taken out of a self help book.

But the thing is that…it’s true.

It really does not exist. How could we call it a failure if we learn?

If we take a closer look, all experiences that we consider a great failure in our lives, have been very important because thanks to them we improve the way we make things and how we make new decisions.

We take that experience and all the lessons to apply them in a new situation. As we gain experience, we recollect all kinds of information: The one that we consider positive, useful, practical and we tend not to mention or recognize the “negative” part because we feel kind of embarrassed talking about that.

Why is it so hard for us to take things with no stress and see that these kinds of negative experiences are not in essence bad?

We reject the bad experiences, we don’t want them close, we don’t want to assume our weaknesses. Why do we judge other people and ourselves so bad?

We are in a learning path, life is all about gaining experience and wisdom, and for that, there is a lot of trial and error, things, people, jobs, trips, no trips, no jobs, friends, couples, no couples, it’s a journey where only you can control how you feel about stuff. As a victim? Or as someone that is giving the best to learn and grow?

Let’s enjoy the process, let’s try to laugh in the difficult times even when it’s hard, let’s try to see those events as something temporary, it is not going to be that way forever. Let’s try to see all the new opportunities come and let’s enjoy them!

The major key here is to stay humble no matter what, with others and with ourselves, this will help us to see difficult times as an opportunity and not as a curse.

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