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Which programming language should I learn?

Hey! In the last post, we talked about finding the ideal motivation to become a developer and some practical tips to start.
Which programming language should I learn?

Hey! In the last post, we talked about finding the ideal motivation to become a developer and some practical tips to start.

It is important that you know which kind of things you´d like to program because this will define which programming languages to learn first.

These are some topics where you can start.

We created a list of some resources whether you decide to make a FrontEnd or Backend learning path, so here we go.

Front-End technologies and languages.

-Start with: HTML, CSS

-Continue with: JavaScript.

-Study some frameworks: AngularJS, Vue or React. Remember that the use of these technologies deprecates very fast, so it is important that you keep updated with the latest technologies.

-It is important that you learn to consume REST services.

-Learn Sass or some pre-processor for styles.

-Learn a bit of BEM, OOCSS or SMACSS.

-Learn about module bundlers like Webpack, Rollup.

-Learn about regular expressions, ES6 and keep updated on the latest releases.

-When you work on projects in a company it is very possible that you need to use Git.

-Also, according to the company you work with, they could use some agile development methodologies like SCRUM

Then you can move on and learn about:

-Programming patterns.

-Webpack or module management tools, or NPM.

Finally, know and learn how to set up your development environment in your laptop, become a master in this will save tons of time.

Keep learning and researching. FrontEnd technologies and frameworks are dynamic, not always you´ll use the same one, you have to be updated. Always.

Back-End programming languages and technologies

-You can start with any of these programming languages: Python, C++, Java, Ruby, C#, Golang or even, PHP. (There are so MUCH more, but we recommend starting for Python or Ruby)

Then, take a look at some frameworks and decide which one suits your needs, choose one, learn it very well and then go for the next one, we recommend:

-Django, Rails, Play, Express.js, Laravel, Phoenix, Flask, Pyramid.

-Then, learn how to build RESTful APIs.

-Learn about Git.

-Learn about some agile methodologies like SCRUM

You get extra points for knowing about Linux servers, Docker, design patterns, and writing tests.

Final note:

It is important that you can find a mentor so you can get feedback on your work; in this way you can check how is your process going.

These are our recommendations, so this means it is not the only point of view. You can research, ask friends or people in Meetups about what is the best way to start learning and which programming language suits you.

We hope this was helpful, let us know any comments below!

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