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Why survival horror video games are great.

I didn't like horror.

I didn't like horror.

I used to think that it wasn't fun, also that it was too hard for me to handle fear after seeing or playing something related to ghosts, tortures, violent content or too scary things in general.

I thought I was really bad at playing survival horror video games.

I thought I was kind of coward.

I don’t consider myself a gamer or anything like that, but I love games for sure. Since I was little I used to play Nintendo games with my older brother and he really taught me a lot of cool stuff while I was growing. When he gave me the chance to play horror games by myself, I got too scared and didn't do it.

A couple of years ago I took a risk (maybe sounds silly, but for someone too scared it is a risk to play a horror video game) and started playing again. I tried with Outlast I, then with Resident Evil 6 and 7 and also tried with Layers Of Fear.

I started reading about this genre, the creative processes (which I love and respect), started watching gameplays on YouTube and I got to this conclusion:

Survival Horror video games are great.

They help you see what you don´t want to see.

They get you right in the thing you fear the most.

They get you in contact with all the violent, gross and mysterious aspects of human nature.

Besides being entertaining, they have a very important message: Look at yourself, be brave to see what you don’t want to see about you, take a risk, get to know that you’re not who you think you are.

Many people criticize gamers. But I really admire them.

When you play, you can learn things about yourself, you can test your limits and discover hidden features of you.

For example, I discovered that I’m not a coward at all, that I can play and not being scared to death, that I can actually laugh and enjoy. I learned that many of my fears are not only mine because they’re represented in a mainstream piece that touches many of us. So I’m not alone, I’m not the only one who is scared. As soon as I got the opportunity to be in charge of Mental Host’ s communications and strategy I immediately accepted because I truly believe we are creating something great.

I realized that letting go of this taboo of being scared in horror video games and towards life, makes you a bit free.

Don’t be scared to be scared! Go and play!

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